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U Turn, God Turns - #1 Spiritual Growth Amazon Kindle Best Seller

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U Turn, God Turns

Just before dawn, the stench of mangled metal sweltered and stifled into  the air from beneath the bridge. The disastrous car crash finds the  bloody and traumatized Michael Vincent Robinson’s life expiring in his  labored breathing, but God rescues him from death. Being saved for  purpose and destiny was not enough for him to exit the covert boulevard  life that held him captive. With deliverance seemingly impossible, he  retreats deeper into the illusive boulevard and into the wilds of his  own mind. Desiring to change, the author’s faith and belief in God never  waivers, and God changes his desires and saves him before passing the  point of no return. This compelling, life-changing memoir, executed with  friendliness and bold wisdom, equips readers with all they need to  embark on a new life showered by God’s gifts.  


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